Flower Wrapping Paper and Other Floral Accessories

Non-woven wrapping paper, kraft paper, pearlescent paper, translucent paper. Carrier bags, cotton wool, string and such.

About Us

We sell floral supplies, baby hampers, balloons and soft toys.

Browse our paper collection that has been updated with trendy colours and material. Buy everything you’ll need for a baby hamper including our award winning soft toys from GUND, a 120 year old soft toy manufacturer.

moderninno.com has been selling baby hampers and floral supplies to florists in Singapore since 2002. We distribute high quality materials to make your floral arrangements stand out – be it flower wrapping, auto-inflatable balloons, adorable soft toys, or practical baby clothes hampers.

We specially source our flower wrapping paper from Korea, thus its high quality is ensured. You can find wrapping paper of over 70 colours, and also choose the material and design of your liking. We offer floral wrapping paper made of non-woven wrapping paper, kraft paper, pearlescent paper, as well as translucent paper.

Regarding other floral supplies that we sell, our balloons are all auto-inflatable, which are easy to use and lasts for months. Pick balloons fit for different occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, or Valentine’s day.